Train watching

Train watching at Our Heritage Guest RanchOur Heritage Guest Ranch is located near Joder (MP 436) on BNSF’s Butte Sub, approximately 20 miles north of Crawford. The ranch provides a convenient jumping off point for photographing the entire northern end of the Butte Sub, including the ghost town of Orella, Orella Hill, Fort Igloo and the towns of Ardmore, Provo, Rumford and Edgemont.

The topography and scenery around the northern end of the Butte Sub vary greatly, with rolling hills, grasslands, buttes and badlands, providing a beautiful backdrop for railroad photography.

Orella Hill is located at MP 440 and is operationally just as difficult for the BNSF as Crawford Hill is. Trains start to climb Orella Hill near the town of Ardmore at MP 450, and do not top out until reaching the old ghost town of Orella at MP 440. The entire length of Orella Hill is easily accessible, with Toadstool Road paralleling the tracks. Many different photo angles can easily be found near the tracks without any difficulty.

Operationally, coal trains climbing Orella Hill do not need any helper assistance to climb the hill. However, if any problems arise, trains will need helper assistance, and the Crawford helpers will be called out to give them a push.

Train watching at Our Heritage Guest Ranch